Update/What’s New/What’s to Come !!!!


HELLO !!!!

I hope everyone is having the best day ever !!

I didn’t want to wait for forever before I wrote another blog post, but it’s looking that way. HA. Life just really gets in the way!! BUTTTT, I want to make blogging and sharing and influencing more a priority in 2020 because it’s something I love to do.

I’ve tried the Youtube route and I’m still going to pursue that because I love filming and editing videos, as well as creating content but I think that photography and writing are my true passions and where I can articulate my love for things the best way possible.


So with that being said, I want to start doing weekly/monthly posts like month favorites, songs of the week, what i eat in a week, what i wear in a week, etc. on my blog page. I love seeing things like this from other people and I love sharing my own interests, so I think that these will be fun posts that readers/friends/& myself can share and look forward to!!


I am working on my January Playlist right now so keep an eye out for that!! I can’t wait to make this a consistent page! Feedback is always welcomed and accepted. I just want everyone to leave my page feeling some type of encouragement, love and maybe learn something new. Life is about making connections and interacting with people so lets do that!!! I’m so excited to see where this page goes. Thank you so much for reading !! If you want to know whats been going on in my life you can keep reading, but if not, I hope you have the best day ever and remember that Jesus loves you.


If you’re just stumbling across this page and have no idea who I am, let me just introduce myself first!! HI ! My name is Kylie Elder. I am a senior at Mississippi State and I am also on the coed cheerleading team there!! Starkville is where I currently live, but Atlanta is home. I love Atlanta so much and hope to move back there after I graduate, this December 2020!! In my free time you can find me hanging out with my friends, being confused about Tik Tok, attempting and failing at being a Youtuber, teaching lil kiddies Sunday school, cheering on the Dawgs, probably always dancing, or sleeping!!!! I love all kinds of music, I’m not a picky eater, and I’m usually always down for anything!! If you meet me, you’ll probably think I’m shy at first, but it’s only because I’m just seeing if I should really be your friend in my head (HAH kiddddding, but not!!!! extroverted introverts will get it) but ya!!!!! thats me!!

follow me on all the socials to keep up and support 🙂 I LOVE YOU !! xoxo

instagram: @kylieelder

twitter: @kylie10e

youtube: kylieelder


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