wanderer’s welcomed

oh wanderer

WOW !!!!!! Hello friends 🙂  I can not believe that I haven’t written a blog post since November!! Not that I haven’t wanted to write, I just haven’t been compelled to write anything for some odd reason…until tonight (it was totally God)!!!!


Soooooo, tonight me and a couple of my friends went to The Grove which is an all women worship night at Passion City Church. I had never been to The Grove so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect going in. My friends and I walked in, got some tea, ran into some friends, and found our seats in the overflow room (so many ladies worshipping tonight y’all!!!!!). The night began with David Crowder leading worship. My most favorite part of church is singing along to worship songs because it’s when I truly feel God the most. As Crowder was singing “Come As You Are” my eyes started to get teary and I just knew that God  was speaking to me and telling me I needed to act on what I was feeling. The line in the song that truly hit hard was…

“Oh wanderer come home, you’re not too far” 

As a teen and having gone through my first year of college the word “wanderer” stood out to me like a sore thumb. I think that far too many of us are wanderer’s. We sometimes fail to realize that there really is a home for us in heaven. There is a heavenly father that loves us endlessly because we are his daughters. Jesus is there with us all the time. Through thick and thin he is our Savior and solid ground. Our circumstances will fail us, but our sweet Savior never will. This past year I have definitely been the closest to God I have ever been and I have also been the furthest away in my faith. I feel like I often wander and stray away from God because I think that I have better control over situations and my choices.. but who am I to question the person who put me here, the person who died for me, who put nails through his hands on the cross and wore a crown of thorns to save me!!! Who am I to question my Father in heaven who has an eternal home for me and calls me his daughter. How naive and silly of me…

And then Crowder sings “you’re not too far.” Jesus is ALWAYS with us people!! You are never to far or too lost to be saved. I personally always see people that are so strong in their faith and so happy and free whether it be on social media or just at church and wish so badly that I could be that way too, yet never put in the effort. For a long while I don’t think I even thought of God on a daily basis and it hurts to even admit that. I stopped doing devotions, I stopped listening to my church podcasts every Sunday, I turned off Christin radio stations and I stopped trying to live my life as a daughter of the King. The devil had me so bad and I think it reflected on my relationships, attitude, and mindset all together. Yet, here I am..writing about how good and how sweet and forgiving our Savior is. You are truly never to far or too lost to find your way back home. It might be a long and hard journey to get there, but Jesus will be standing on the doorstep with open arms welcoming you in.


after I settled down from my “oh yeah you go Jesus!” moment the speaker of the night, Priscilla Shirer, came on stage. She was so awesome and had so many relatable things to say and preach about, but the thing that stood out to me the most was that she said there is a “God Margin.” The God margin is the space between you and the thing you don’t believe you deserve. God is the bridge that pieces those two things together. If you don’t think that you’re good enough and you just think that you’re too far from the end goal or your purpose you have a space that is calling God to occupy. Put your trust and your faith in him and he will fulfill that end goal in due time. If you are wondering why it isn’t happening to you right this minute and you’re tired of working on it so hard don’t give up..God is waiting until your abilities are in tip top shape for you to fulfill your purpose and your goal. Shirer also said that if  you want to be in the spotlight so bad and rush your abilities to be in that spotlight, that spotlight will burn you to a crisp..you must be patient and wait for God to develop you, let you grow, and have your abilities shine through him to be in the right spotlight and fulfill your earthly purpose.


I recommend every lady to attend The Grove next season! I encourage you all to be patient and let God let your abilities grow. I pray that all you wanderers are found and welcomed home because you are not too far. Thank you for reading this long post and always know I’m here for you all and want the very best for you!!!!! XOXO





2 thoughts on “wanderer’s welcomed

  1. Kylie, that was Beautifully said. We all tend to forget God and try to do things “our way”. We forget about including God and asking him for help. Over the past year I have learned that I can’t do things myself. That I must include him in my daily life, the good and the bad. I now know he is with me always and that sure helps me.


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